Massage Oil by Rejuvi

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A luxurious, soothing massage oil suitable for face and body. Precious jojoba and avocado oils, vitamins and aloe vera provide essential nourishment and help your skin's natural healing ability. Add a couple of drops to any face cream for extra hydration, or use to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

This is a beautiful massage oil. It has delicious, luxurious, not overpowering scent. It is perfect oil for massaging face and body, hydrating, anti-aging, soothing, and can be used on any skin type. 

4 oz

What it looks like:

slight yellow

How to use:

Apply after cleansing the skin. If using active serums, apply serums first, wait 15 minutes then apply oil


How is this different than our hydrating oil?

Our Hydrating Oil is a PERFORMANCE OIL which includes sea buckthorn. oat emollient and hemp seed oil to increase hydration and reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

Rejuvi's Massage Oil is a beautiful formulation with soothing, hydrating oils listed below. They are not considered "performance oils". This is a lightweight oil that provides. beautiful glow!



Aloe Vera oil, jojoba oil, Avacado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil,Vitamin E, FRAGRANCE