Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis

90 Minutes

What is Hair Analysis?

Powered by a system out of Hamburg Germany, hair mapping technology offers a unique approach in assessing an individual's nutritional and immune system challenges. Hair is an amazing, almost indestructible biomarker that carries a tremendous amount of personal information at a quantum epigenetic level. Using as few as four strands of hair, this sophisticated technology "maps" the hair follicle and evaluates over 800 wellness indicators. The system returns a personalized report which includes:

  • A complete list of potential nutritional food demands for the individual
  • A detailed list of underlying environmental sensitivities that may be reducing an individuals performance
  • Separate and detailed food suggestions to support the individuals Immune, Gut, and Circulatory systems
  • A list of foods to eat, and those to avoid, for the next 90 days...


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