Skin Consultation

Great Skin Always Starts With A DETAILED  Consult!

Consultations offered In-Person or via FaceTime
Skin Consult — $275
60 Minutes


We will discuss stress, lifestyle habits, nutrition, hormones, gut and liver health, sleep and digestion as well as how to support your skin health topically with a CUSTOMIZED SKIN CARE ROUTINE  to help you clear. (sold separately)

We are very LIVER, LYMPHATIC  and GUT HEALTH FOCUSED and will address and assist you with protocols to help remove candida, parasites, heavy metals, while boosting the lymphatic and immune system to help reduce inflammation inside and outside the body. ( This is what makes us UNIQUE and DIFFERENT in our approach to clearing acne!) 

Epigenetic Hair Analysis is now available to help determine mineral, vitamin, Essential Fatty Acid deficiencies as well as pathogenic and environmental exposure in the body. This takes all the GUESSWORK out when determining what supplements are best for YOU!

You will also receive PDF downloads from industry leaders about balancing blood sugar, hormones, plus adrenal and mineral mock-tail recipes,  as well as nutritious meals - all focused on supporting YOU and your BODYS ability to reduce inflammation and stay clear. FOR LIFE!


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*Product Returns

Products purchased in the clinic must be returned within 30 days of purchase and the products being returned must be unopened.
Products purchased online must be returned within 30 days of receiving the package. Not from the day you open the package. From the day the package was delivered to you. Products being returned must be unopened.
Products that have been opened and are returned will not be refunded.