Skin Consultation

Great Skin Always Starts With A Great Consult!

Consultations offered In-Person or via FaceTime
Skin Consult — $150
60 Minutes

Your consult will include:

Examining Your Skin

I always review your information and examine your skin prior to any product recommendation. This is vital to having a successful skin care regimen. This step will determine a lot of how we move forward.

Determine Your Goals

I ask the the right questions in a way that reveals what your concerns are about achieving your goals for healthier skin. I will listen to your concerns over and above my need to sell you a product. (The sign of a true professional)

Addressing Your Questions

Your questions are welcomed and I will do everything I can make sure you feel educated about the process and everything we offer so you can make the best choice for your skin.

The Best Ingredients for Your Needs

The key active ingredients in a product do matter!! You will walk away knowing how ingredient XYZ is the best choice for your skin and will help diminish your skin care issue.

Your Options

Facts swill be laid bare and all options provided to you. At this point, how much you want to spend should be a secondary consideration. Of course how much you spend is important, but getting the right advice and knowing what is available to you and the best approach to take over the coming weeks and months in order to get the results you are hoping for should come first.

A Plan Tailored to YOU

It’s time to make a plan. Even if you have plenty of disposable cash to spend on your skin, go slowly, allow your skin time to rejuvenate itself. Take baby steps before moving on to more intensive products or treatments. Allow time for your skin to become stronger . This is not a quick fix, this is long-term results.

How to Navigate Your Plan

New skin care and how to use it can feel like a daunting task for the client. I lay out exactly how and when to use each product with a customized am/pm routine written just for you. You are never alone and we will be here every step of the way.

Follow Up

We will be reviewing your skin and how you are feeling about your results with every return visit! I want you to feel successful with your progress.

Results Take Time!

What you will NOT see in a week of sampling is any meaningful results, although sometimes and depending on what is going on with your skin, you may find a certain amount of ‘instant gratification’ especially if you skin is dry or dehydrated, but for the most part, true and lasting results come from the quality of the ingredients and formulations that are backed up by scientific evidence and your commitment to the product.

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*Product Returns

Products purchased in the clinic must be returned within 30 days of purchase and the products being returned must be unopened.
Products purchased online must be returned within 30 days of receiving the package. Not from the day you open the package. From the day the package was delivered to you. Products being returned must be unopened.
Products that have been opened and are returned will not be refunded.