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A Deep, Restorative sleep is MANDATORY for recovery, cell regeneration, appetite control, healthy blood sugar levels and brain function. Sadly, most of us are stressed, worried, and running off of stress hormones that keep us up at night. Many can't fall asleep, and for myself, I couldn't STAY asleep.

This bundle will definitely get you into a restful, calm sleep! I've tracked my sleep on my WHOOP device and can PROVE it works- my REM and SMS sleep both improved OVERNIGHT.

Non habit forming because this bundle includes adaptogens, herbs and magnesium that are not only important for a good nights sleep, but amazing for stress reduction as a bi-product!

Other areas to improve your sleep hygiene routine:

Mouth Tape

Sleep Mask

Ear Plugs

Stop eating and drinking after 7 pm

Journal before bed

Daily Exercise

Blue Block Glasses after 6pm

Daily sunlight exposure