Fast Track to Clear Skin Mini Booklet

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Everyone knows that if you eat healthier, it can help improve and clear up acne. But not everyone has the time or energy to RESEARCH and STUDY exactly what foods are best for the job!

Clients kept asking me what foods were best for skin and I finally put it into one place that would make it easier for YOU to have what you need to make informed and educated decisions when clearing your acne. Even if you just want better skin, you will LOVE this! 

This mini booklet is a helpful GUIDE  for clients who want to know EXACTLY what foods improve hormones, decrease inflammation, and stabilize blood sugar levels so you can have CLEAR SKIN!


Inside these 8 beautifully laminated, front and back, 4x6 pages, you will have an easy, simple, and portable tool which will help you make THE BEST nutritional decisions possible.



4 Leading INFLAMMATORY contributors to Acne. 

VITAMINS that play a leading role in optimal skin health and WHY.

TOP 10 MOST NUTRITIOUS FOODS highest in VITAMINS and NUTRIENTS under each category. 

What a PROPER SERVING  is so you're GETTING ENOUGH  of the essentials.

Food to AVOID




Does NOT include:


Specific Diets


This is meant as a guide and support tool to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Please always seek your own DOCTORS ADVICE on what is best for YOU!

*********THESE ARE NOT OVERNIGHT RESULTS! Clearing Acne requires an outside in, inside out approach. Your progress will depend on being consistent in eating nutrient dense foods as well as using the right skincare products. NOT JUST for 2 weeks, or 2 months. This can take an extended period of time because each person is bio-individual. 

*Please schedule an appointment to get proper skincare advice so you KNOW what to use topically! Call 208.497.9187