How I Became A Business Woman!

How I Became A Business Woman!

Posted by Lori Ward on Apr 27th 2019

5 months, in this chair, every Thursday, for 2 hrs, I’m learning from the best. I’m a mom, a wife, a friend, and with Bryces help, I’ve become a better business lady- I mean FREAKING AWESOME BOSS BABE!!!! (They have a business podcast too!)

This is the part that nobody sees. This is not-so-glamorous side of business.

I only have an associates degree guys. I never took a business class. Not a single one. I NEVER anticipated doing this. I was not born to do this. But I CAN do it. So I’m here to tell you -YOU DON’T NEED A BUSINESS DEGREE TO SUCCEED!!!!!!!! (total bonus if you do) If I can do it, So can YOU!

Don’t ask someone who sucks at business for help: you might have a family member who you love but should NOT be giving advice about business.

Find someone who does freaking AWESOME in their business and ask for help! Pay them!

You can’t afford to NOT ask for help. I don’t know it all. YOU don’t know it all. It’s ok! Just ask for help and more then likely the person you need is someone you already know, and is more then happy to help you! They love sharing their knowledge!

What’s the best business advice you ever applied? Post below- it could be a podcast! No doubt it will help everyone- even if you don’t run a business!