All The Benefits of An Enzyme Mask

Posted by Lori Ward on Jan 19th 2019

Why does your face need enzymes? Great question!

Enzymes are chemicals!

Enzymes can be found in pineapple, papaya, & pumpkin! Our skin also contains natural enzymes that help our body share nutrients, repair collagen that was damaged by the sun, aid in DNA, and assist in the use of beneficial fats. SO basically, they’re just amazing, right?!

They reduce Inflammation, and exfoliate dead skin! It’s that simple! It’s great for more sensitive skin types because it exfoliates without the use of an acid – which rocks! Proteolytic enzymes break down protein bonds that connect dead skin cells to the top layer of skin! This is why your skin looks so smooth and bright after a mask!

Everyone needs to exfoliate!

Especially as we age because new healthy skin takes longer to rise to the surface. By exfoliating that layer on purpose we are forcing dead skin to hit the road and encouraging bright fresh skin to appear. Cellular turnover is so so important when it comes to aging- and we want to age well – am I right?

For clients who are intimidated by a chemical peel or don’t really want something that penetrates deep into the skin, enzyme peels are wonderful. Honestly, they’re amazing for everyone and every skin type!

Here’s a few you should try!

Green Enyzme Mask from Glymed

Sanitas Pineapple Papaya Mask

Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Mask

xo Lori